Track 1: God’s story – Understanding and explaining the mission of God

Lead tutor: John Risbridger

Human beings are creatures in search of a story. We long to know who we are, why we exist, and how life is best lived. We can only answer these questions by seeing how our lives fit into a greater story.

The Bible answers this deep human longing. It teaches us that the true context in which our lives belong is God’s own story – his purpose in creation and salvation. This implies that we only live as we are intended to when our lives are conformed to the Great Story: the mission of God himself.

The defining story of our lives

Michael Andrews and Sally Carling

This track follows the mission of God through creation, de-creation (fall), re-creation (redemption) and new creation (the restoration of all things). It challenges us to make this the defining story of our lives. It also opens up some major themes that weave their way through the biblical narrative.

However, it is not enough to simply understand the story and locate ourselves within it. The mission of God is not only personal, it is universal. We cannot grasp it truly without taking to heart the need to communicate it in our words and make it visible in our lives so that others – ultimately people from all nations – may discover it for themselves.


Equipping you to teach it to others

So Track 1 does more than teach the story; it will equip you to teach it to others. You will learn how to understand, apply, and teach different parts of the Bible, first to yourself and then to others, exploring in more depth a gospel, a New Testament letter, and a minor prophet.

Undergirding the whole track is the deep conviction that the Bible is God’s written word, which is utterly trustworthy and centrally important in the task of disciple-making to which we are called.

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