Track 2: Our Story – Experiencing the blessing of God

Lead tutor: Bettina Collins

The good news is not just a distant memory of something God did 2000 years. Churches are not antiquarian societies which merely discuss ancient texts and historical events. No, we claim that God is the Living God who raised Jesus from the dead and who is active in his world and his church by his Holy Spirit.

The Bible expects that we should know God personally and experience him. Our lives and our leadership in Jesus’s church are meant to be full of testimony about what God is doing now, as well as back then.

The foundation for biblical, spiritual leadership

Formation School students 2014–2015

Track 2 explores how to encounter God and experience his blessing. Its starting point is God’s promise to bless Abraham so that he could bless others. The foundation for biblical, spiritual leadership is receiving and living in God’s grace, and becoming channels of that grace to others.

Undergirding the track is a conviction that the Holy Spirit uses the gospel to transform our hearts and lives as we get to know God. Track 2 is deeply experiential and concentrates on life-transforming truths about your identity in Christ:

  • justification by faith, righteousness in Christ, and adoption into God’s family
  • experiencing the unmerited grace of God
  • walking in repentance and faith
  • loving God through disappointment, failure and suffering

The track encourages grace-filled rhythms and patterns of life for growing as Christ’s disciples:

  • experiencing the Holy Spirit and growing in his gifts
  • growing in worship
  • growing in praying and fasting
  • fighting sin by standing on God’s promises
  • learning to forgive

It is impossible to separate the task of leadership from the character of leaders. Track 2 will help form you as a Christ-exalting, worshipping leader who helps others grow as disciples out of that centre.

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