Track 4: The Disciple’s Story – Growing disciples who make disciples

Lead tutor: Thompy Wright

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy. But it is the life designed by our Creator for our benefit. We are invited to live the kind of life that Jesus lived himself: a life of holiness and love, a full and abundant life, a life we always wanted. This is a life worth living; the only life worth resurrecting. It is a life of following and learning, focused on wholehearted, single-minded devotion to Christ. It is not a life without difficulty and pain but, ultimately, it is deeply satisfying and liberating – a life that makes a real difference.

SMD 2016 BibleDisciples make disciples. Jesus expects it and churches aspire to it, yet it remains rare to find many people who are fully committed to disciple-making, despite all the current talk about it. Track 4 will help to familiarise you with the biblical terminology and to build convictions about the reproducing life of being a disciple.

However, it is much more focused on living a life rather than simply talking a talk. Having laid careful foundations, we will examine in depth how to help others follow Jesus. Within a framework of appreciating discipleship as a journey, we will explore the practical implications of discipling others along a maturing process in four key stages:

  • discipling people who are not- yet Christians
  • discipling spiritual infants
  • discipling spiritual young adults
  • discipling spiritual parents

As we walk with others on this journey, we enjoy the adventure and endure the adversity of taking up our cross to follow Jesus. We experience the unforced rhythms of grace that overflow naturally from the disciple’s life, multiplying into others for the glory of God.

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