What students have said about Formation School

What former students say about Formation School

‘I’ve been challenged to rethink aspects of my life and been equipped with new tools and ideas to help the ways that I disciple others.’.

‘I’ve been challenged, encouraged, and equipped for mission. I’ve been taught, loved, and inspired by the people I’ve met here. Above all, I’ve been amazed time and again by the depth of God’s love and the reach of His grace.’ – Anna

‘Formation School is very informative and definitive. Cutting edge and fully equipped with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which are profitable for living.’ – Abas

‘Formation School has brought the Bible to life for me in a way I never imagined. The great teaching has equipped me to feel confident in leading others, and has taught me new things about myself. What a fantastic year this will be to look back on.’ – Leila

‘If Jesus had written a discipleship course this wouldn’t be it, but it comes close’

‘Formation School gave me an expanded view of the gospel and a fuller sense of my identity in Christ.’ – Martin

‘Formation School has given me so many good tools for understanding the Bible and teaching from it. It’s invaluable!’

‘Formation School blows my mind every week. In-depth teaching and discussion that challenges and changes me. And with so much practical application. Brilliant. What a privilege to be learning about our amazing God and his big picture for reaching the nations from such a strong faithful team.’

‘I have realised that mission is a shared task for all Christians and not simply those called to serve overseas – therefore I have a responsibility to engage in mission.’

‘Formation School has encouraged a greater depth to experiencing God in my life and given me more understanding about how we pass on the gospel to our society.’

‘It genuinely is my highlight of the week.’

‘Formation School is great equipping, not only for the growth of my own faith, but also for helping me to know how to reach others in practice.’