The five dimensions of Formation School

Formation School grows character and confidence in the ways in which God gifts us and sends us. Four theme tracks unpack how the Bible equips us to live for God in today’s world, while a fifth dimension – huddles – grounds the teaching and provides mutual support and accountability.

Track 1: Bible

God’s Big Story

Human beings are in search of a story. We desire to know who we are, why we exist, and how life is best lived. However, we can answer these questions only by setting them in the context of a greater story. The Bible answers this deep longing, teaching us that it is God’s own story – the purpose (mission) he is pursuing in creation and salvation – that provides the true context in which our lives belong. We trace the story through creation, de-creation, re-creation, and new creation, to see how the story revolves around Jesus and is the defining story of our humanity.

1.1 – Introduction: What is the gospel? What is the Bible? Truth to make your heart sing

1.2 – Doctrine of scripture and the authenticity of gospel

Bible Overview

1.3 – Overview Part 1

1.4 – Bible Overview Part 2

1.5 – Bible Overview Part 3

1.6 – Bible Overview Part 4

Understanding and teaching the Bible

1.7,8 – Tools for interpreting the bible

1.9,10 – How to understand and teach a gospel: John's gospel:

1.11,12 – Learning how to give a talk

1.13,14 – How to understand, apply and teach one of the prophets

1.15,16 – Giving Bible Talks

1.17 – Conclusion

Track 2: Blessing

Intimacy with God

Personal identity is shaped by how we view of our life-stories. This track is all about exploring our personal identities within God’s over-arching story. At the heart of this endeavour is the task of re-orienting our hearts, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform who we are and how we conduct our lives in relationship with God. We will look at developing practices that keep us oriented towards God. As we grow in our knowledge of Him, he will begin to form our identities as biblical, spiritual leaders in God’s mission.

2.1 – Introduction: a transformed heart – living and leading out of abundance

Gospel Shaped Spiritual Living

2.2 – Identity: knowing who we are in Christ

2.3 – Grace: experiencing the grace of God

2.4 – Grace filled patterns of life:  worship (with emphasis on the Psalms)

2.5,6 – Living a life of intimacy with God: developing rhythms and habits of life

Grace-filled Patterns of Life

2.7,8,9,10 – Responding to God – whole day: experiencing the blessing of God; gospel-shaped spiritual living

2.11,12 – Experiencing the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Spirit

Growing in Grace

2.13 – Forgiveness

2.14 – Disappointment and failure

2.15 – Suffering

2.16 – Tools for understanding yourself

2.17,18 – Understanding yourself and the impact you have on others - Enneagram

2.19 – Conclusion – Loving Christ above all

Track 3: Mission

Serving and Reaching

Track 3: Mission: Serving and Reaching

The gospel is far greater than saving us so we go to heaven. God is reconciling everything to himself through Christ. He created us for wholeness in relationship with Him, each other, and the environment. In track 3 we reflect on how Jesus calls us to gospel-shaped living in every part of life. We probe the mindsets of those around us, and consider some of the challenges we face. And we explore our part in God's mission of serving and reaching the world.

3.1 – Introduction: Whole-life gospel, whole-life mission

3.2 – Understanding our context 1: We are what we love

3.3,4 – Understanding our context 2: The age of self-expression

3.5,6 – Living out our mission 1: On our frontline

3.7,8 – Understanding our context 3: The quest for flourishing

3.9,10 – Living out our mission 2: In our community

3.11,12 – Living out our mission 3: Communicating the gospel

3.13 – Living out our mission 4: Mission together  

3.14 – Living out our mission 5: Answering questions

3.15 – Other faiths and our mission

3.16 – Sexuality and our mission

3.17,18 – Finding our place in God’s global mission

3.19 – Conclusion

Track 4: Discipleship

Growing and Releasing

Jesus initiates the story arc for his church in his uncluttered commission: go and make disciples. What Jesus taught as that normal expectation now often appears to be confined to the elite. This Track puts being a disciple who makes disciples back into the reach of the average Christian. Having carefully laid a foundation for the grace-fuelled nature of the discipleship journey, we build a picture of the stages of that journey. We conclude by evaluating the key contribution each one of us could make within our own disciple-making community.

Being Disciples

4.1,2 – Introduction: Discipleship that is Essential, radical and Missional

4.3,4 – Discipleship is intentional and Costly

Making Disciples

4.5,6 – Discipling not yet Christians: Everyday Discipling for ordinary People and Tailer-made Discipling

4.7,8 – Discipling Spiritual infants: Discerning needs and making a plan to meet them

4.9,10 – Discipling young adults: Understanding Needs and creating environment for growth

4.11,12 – Discipling young adults: Understanding Needs and creating environment for growth

Making Disciple-Makers

4.13 – Developing a disciple-making mindset: Trellis and the Vine

4.14 – Practical Disciple-Making: The Art of Story Telling

4.15,16 – Discipling Spiritual Parents: Generational Impact

4.19 – Conclusion


As well as understanding our identity in Jesus, and our task of making disciples, it is also vital for us to understand the context in which we find ourselves. British society has experienced enormous changes over the last three or four decades, and Christian faith is rapidly being excluded from the public square. How is our task of disciple-making affected by these shifts in culture?

We all know how multicultural and pluralistic the United Kingdom has become. While some welcome people from a huge variety of cultural backgrounds making their home here, others are fearful because of the threat of religious extremism. As a result, the government, corporations, institutions, and individuals insist that the only way we can live peacefully together is by becoming increasingly secular.

If we are to make disciples in this context, we must understand how those we long to reach view the world. What are their beliefs, values, and attitudes? How do they view themselves? How do they make moral decisions? What is really important in life?

Track 5 helps you begin to understand some key aspects of our culture and how the gospel challenges it:

  • the enormous influence of the media on our thinking and attitudes, and how we can respond to it
  • how technology transforms our ways of living and relating, and how we can use it wisely
  • how Christians can participate in an increasingly hostile public square

The track will also equip you to engage with some of the challenging questions which our culture throws up: questions about sexuality, pluralism, science, and suffering.

Formation School is a partnership between Above Bar Church, and Living Leadership, as well as a number of churches around the area.

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Living Leadership is registered as charity number 1121621.
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