Track 3: The Church’s Story Leading in communities of mission

Lead tutor: Paul Webber

The UK church in the 21st century needs to see itself as a missionary church. Christians have become a minority group which is marginalised in British society. This compels us to change our perspective from maintaining an institution to becoming a movement on a mission. Many traditional methods and strategies are no longer effective in a post-Christian and post-Christendom context.

The early church developed in a context which was similar to ours in many ways. So we can learn from Scripture how the early Christians ‘turned the world upside down’ (Acts 17:6) and how we can apply these principles into our own situations today.

SMD 2016 John Risbridger

Track 3 firstly considers the challenges and opportunities of being a missional church. It will equip you to build radical, authentic communities which will both disciple Christians effectively and be salt and light in the world so you can shape and change culture.

During the second term, you will have first-hand experience of reaching people who are not Christians. The group will work together, under guidance, to plan two culturally sensitive outreach events: one geared to reach people on our high street, and the other giving your friends and relatives an opportunity to consider the claims of Jesus.

In the third term, Track 3 reflects on the nature of Christian leadership, and how it differs radically from definitions of leadership within the secular world. You will be given tools to enable you to better understand yourself and the impact you have on others. Finally, we explore how to achieve change and build effective teams.

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